He is Still My Dentist After a Root Canal

I had to find a dentist in Wollongong. I have lived in the area for nearly two years, but I still had not found a dentist. I wish I could say it was because of a good reason, but the simple fact is that I kept putting it off because really, who likes going to the dentist? Well, that decision was taken out of my hands when I got a toothache. I was nearly in tears because it hurt so bad, and I knew that I had to find someone who would see me that same day.

When I called Fairy Meadow Dental, they were able to fit me in within a few hours of my phone call to them. I was in tears when I got there, and they took me right back. I was numbed up pretty fast, which was such a relief to me. Continue reading

Se stai cercando incisione laser allora read the info

Popular Auto Detailing That People Have Done

How many times have you thought about giving that old mustang in your garage a new look by going in for an auto detailing? But maybe you were restrained from doing it because of the high costs involved.

Today with all the auto detailing materials available at the neighbourhood auto shop, many people are exploring the option of self auto detailing. Even if you are amateur in auto detailing, with a bit careful planning and knowledge you can look forward to obtain excellent results.

At a basic level auto detailing essentially involves comprehensive cleaning polishing and waxing of vehicle. Although the procedure mainly deals with maintaining the look and of the car, at times even internal parts of the cars are cleaned. Generally done for auto shows and related events, auto detailing proves to be an excellent way to increase self satisfaction and self pride.

There is nothing like the feeling of showing off a shiny car to your pals and watching their eyes gleam with astonishment. Let us look at popular auto detailing steps that people normally undertake.

o Cleaning: This is the first thing done to a car when it is taken for auto detailing. Most of the dirt and dust of on a car, both, inside and outside the car is taken care of by basic cleaning methods which may include cleaning with special cleaning agents or simply wiping with soapy water. Care should be taken not to use harsh detergent based cleaners on a paint job of a car; detergents have chemicals that are harmful to the lustre of the paint and could leave your car look dull.

o Polishing: This is a very time consuming process and takes a lot of patience along with concentration to find the minute imperfections on the paint surface. It is usually done to remove any visual flaws like scratches, water deposits and oxidation marks on the paint surface of a car. Polishes are classified into two types, namely, chemical and abrasive polish. Chemical polish is used to remove oxidation as well as clean the surface while abrasive polish is used to get rid of the clearcoat of the paint. A rubbing compound is usually utilized to clear deep scratches as well as oxidation marks.

o Claying: To remove paint contamination, a clay bar is used. A clay bar requires a lubricant for usage. Water or spray wax can act as a lubricant in claying. Although claying causes no harm to the clearcoat of paint, incorrect use of clay bar can cause dulling of the paintjob. Claying is ideal for removing road grime, tar, tree sap and other external material which stick to the surface of the car.

o Waxing: Done as the last step in enhancing the look and shine of the car, it also enhances the intensity of the paint along with protecting its lecture for a longer time. Wax usually comes in liquid, cream or thick paste like textures. Almost all waxes have a high amount of fatty acids as ingredients in them. At the time of application of the wax, the fatty acids act as a layer between the paint surface and the outside world and prevent the surface from dust, dirt and water. Many Waxes also contain UV protection for longer paint life.

Grand Theft Auto IV Review

Few game franchises are as recognized and as successful as the Grand Theft Auto series. Ever since Grand Theft Auto 3 was released for the PlayStation 2, Rockstar has changed the face of gaming. Grand Theft Auto is a game that is synonymous with both controversy and fun. Rockstar proved itself to be capable of releasing hit after hit, which was shown after they released Vice City and San Andreas games that took Grand Theft Auto 3 and added so much more content. After selling more than 20 million copies of the Grand Theft Auto games, when GTA IV was announced for release in 2008, there was much excitement. Even now, years after it has been released, Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the best games for the PlayStation 3.

Graphics, Sound and Setting:

Grand Theft Auto IV returns to Liberty City, the place where GTA3 took place. Liberty City is based on New York City, and as soon as you start playing the game, it’s evident that Rockstar really made the effort to make the city as realistic as possible. There are many places in the game that look almost exactly like New York City, and the game has a great authentic environment. Even a few years after the game was released, it’s still one of the best games for immersing you in a truly interactive setting. The sound quality in GTA IV is alright, there are a variety of sounds you can hear. The gun sounds are realistic, and the voice acting is solid. I would’ve enjoyed more music, because unless you put on a radio station there isn’t very much music in GTA IV.

The game’s story is centered around Nike Bellic, a former soldier from Eastern Europe, who comes to the United States to achieve the “American dream”. Niko’s cousin Roman has come to the United States earlier, and he tells Niko stories of wealth, woman, and success. This inspires Niko to come, but when he arrives he finds out things aren’t quite as they seem

The story in GTA IV is much deeper than it was in the previous games. You can genuinely feel the emotion of Niko when he goes through hard times. The characters are much more three dimensional and realistic. The cut scenes perfectly mix humor and story together. There are also plenty of plot twists and turns to keep you entertained and guessing. The story is definitely GTA IV’s strongest attribute. However, the story also can feel different from the other games at times. Where the other games used lots of humor, GTA IV is more serious in comparison. However, that’s not to say there aren’t any funny moments in this game. In fact, like other Grand Theft Auto games, there are a ton of moments that will have you cracking up. GTA has a great collection of interesting and unique characters.

Graphics: 8/10

Sound/Music: 7/10

Story/Setting: 9/10

Controls and Gameplay:

The controls in GTA IV are, for the most part, the same as the ones in the previous games. You can press triangle and steal a car, you have the ability to jump over ledges and climb things. You can punch and take out weapons and aim and fire them. However, GTA IV introduces some new elements into the mix.

The biggest change is the cover system. In GTA IV you have the ability to take cover behind objects. This is both useful and annoying. The cover system can make firefights feel more realistic and adds strategy to what would otherwise just be shoot, run, shoot. But the problem is taking cover in places where you don’t want to. Many times in the game, I ended up taking cover right next to the enemies. I feel that the cover system is a great addition, but Rockstar could have done so much more with it.

The game uses the same mission system as the previous games. Basically, within the city there are people that assign missions that you can complete. These missions give you access to something new, such as a new safehouse. However, they mainly serve to progress the story. GTA IV is a wide open game, where you can choose to spend your time doing missions or you can just go out and cause chaos. You can literally do anything you want in this game, it’s extremely fun to just steal a car and go cruising down the streets at times. The gameplay can get bland at times, the missions start to become repetitive sometimes. I understand Rockstar needed some filler missions to fill in gaps in the story, but killing person A, or escorting item x from point a to point b can become repetitive. Overall, though the gameplay is impressive and holds the standard quality of the other Grand Theft Auto games well.

GTA San Andreas Review

When making Grant Theft Auto: San Andreas, Rockstar were given the almost impossible task of trying to improve two of the best games ever – GTA3 and GTA Vice City. They decided to go with a new theme for the game, which is set in the early 1990’s, and a state in America where gangs rule the streets, and where you play a black gangster who’s part of the ‘Grove Street’ crew.

The game is set in an imaginary West-Coast state, featuring 3 large cities. The 3 cities are based on Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas, and represent them fairly accurately, without going overboard. In this GTA San Andreas review I will attempt to give a detailed look into the game, as well as its strengths and weaknesses. First of all, the game’s story is fantastic, and the characters are voice-acted brilliantly, so you’re really sucked into the world.

The missions start with you – CJ, coming back for your mother’s funeral, only to meet up with your brothers, before getting sucked back into the gang culture. You decide to help them out, and the first mission involved spray painting your gang’s ‘tag’ on enemy turf, before escaping on a BMX bike. The first time I played this mission I was terrified that someone would see me spray painting, as all I had to protect myself with was a knife, and my enemies would all have guns! The game has a really nice learning curve and doesn’t throw you in at the deep end.

No GTA San Andreas review would be complete without a look at the game’s weapons, and there is a lot to look at. The game has more weapons than any of the previous games in the series, and it seems that every GTA San Andreas review has picked up on this.

The weapons range from heavy machine guns, to chainsaws, and then to the downright bizarre (golf clubs anyone?), and it seems like almost anything can be used. All in all the game is one of the best of its generation, with the only downside being with the graphics that can sometimes be a bit dodgy (especially when there’s a lot happening on the screen).

Sony W-120 Review

I was looking for a compact, cheap, OK camera to keep in my coat pocket all the time. I wanted to have a camera that was compact and light, had acceptable image quality, image stabilization and didn’t break the bank.

Bonus points were given out for: Wide angle, low light ability, video capabilities, snappy operation

After some research, I ended up with this Sony DSC W120.

The Sony W120 is an affordable digital compact camera.

The case is made of brushed aluminum, looks great and suggests a much more expensive price tag. The startup time is pretty standard, fast enough to not feel sluggish, but no match for a digital SLR.

It has a focal length range of 32-128mm (35mm equivalent). This is a surprisingly good range for such an affordable camera. The 32mm at the wide end is much more useful than much of the competition which often offers 37-38mm as the widest.

In addition, the maximum aperture at the wide end is a pretty respectable f2.8. That is actually larger than most digital SLR standard kit lenses. While this is not an earth shuttering lens, it is faster than many comparable cameras, allowing the camera to stick to slightly lower ISOs or higher shutter speeds.

There is an optical viewfinder, but it is completely useless for framing, due to its tiny size and small coverage. This means you have to use the display to frame your shots. The display is pretty poor, it quite obviously does not have high resolution. The colors on the display are also mushy, to be kind. While all this is bad for looking at the photos, the refresh rate of the display is actually very good. There is very little lag, so framing with live view is no problem at all. The image stabilization also helps, I think.

One of the nice touches on this camera is that it goes back into shooting mode when the shutter is pressed in any menu or mode. I absolutely despise any cameras that first need to be switched to shooting mode to take a picture, fortunately the Sony DSC W120 passes the test.

The image stabilization is pretty effective; it is possible to get acceptably sharp shots with shutter speeds as low as 1/2 seconds.

The overall speed of the camera is OK for a camera of this type; it is fast enough that it does not feel sluggish. Compared to a digital SLR, it is very slow especially in startup and shot to shot time. With the flash on, shot to shot time increases to 4 or 5 seconds.

Autofocus is pretty OK at the wide end and pretty slow at the long end of the zoom.

One of the annoyances is the auto review functionality. When you take a picture it displays it automatically for 2 seconds. What is annoying is that it is not in playback mode while doing this. So you cannot zoom in on the picture or see the picture info. You cannot even press a button to look at it longer than the preset time. Instead, you have to wait to go back to the shooting mode and then press the playback button to go the picture again.

Talking of stupid designs, deleting pictures is very clumsy. You have to go into the menu, (there is no delete button) and then go to delete, delete this picture, and then move the selection from cancel to OK and then confirm.

This is the kind of functionality that makes me wonder if compact camera designers ever talk to digital SLR camera designers. These points are not super important, and you can easily live with them, but it just makes me wonder the whole time, what were the designers thinking?

Probably the worst thing about this camera are the menus. They are totally confusing and annoying to work with.

For example, when you set the camera to burst mode and then later try to turn on flash, it will display a message saying: Flash setting cannot be changed! I could only figure out after more than a day of playing with it that the flash does not work in burst mode. I cant help but think it would be easier if it told me that.

Another example is with the autofocus. When face detection is enabled, the menu options for the autofocus disappear completely. They are not greyed out or something, they are just not there. Turn off face detection, and there you go. My brain obviously does not function in the same way as the designers of this camera.

To sum-up: The image quality is very good for a camera of this size and price and the image stabilization helps tremendously with low light photos. It works well with everything on automatic, exposure and focus is spot on most of the time. The display could be better and the menus are very fiddly, but in the end these small flaws are not enough to spoil it. If you want manual controls, you might want to keep looking. If, on the other hand you are just looking for an affordable compact camera to point and shoot, the Sony DSC W 120 is a great choice.

The good:
– Compact, light and good looking

– Good image quality (for a compact camera)

– Reasonably quick (for a compact camera)

– Effective image stabilization

– A good deal pricewise

The bad:
– Poor display

– Slow autofocus at the long end of the zoom

– No manual modes

The ugly:
– Proprietary Sony Memory Stick cards

Here are some useful notes on setting up and using the Sony W120. The settings mentioned are used under the Program (P) shooting mode unless otherwise noted.


Confusingly, the HOME button takes you to the camera menu and the MENU button takes you to the equivalent of the shooting settings menu.
Since the Sony DSC W120 is pretty much a point and shoot camera, I will try to set it up to be used that way. In other words, adjust everything once and then forget about 90% of the settings.
I prefer to keep it in Program (P) mode. It lets you decide to shoot with or without flash, which is very important.


The default mode for the autofocus is Face Detection, Auto. This mode works quite well and reasonably fast.
It is also possible to choose from Matrix AF, Center AF, Spot AF or a preset AF distance.
When face detection is disabled, it defaults to Matrix AF.
It is possible to preset the focus to a distance of 0.5, 1, 3, 7 meters or infinity. This is useful to reduce shutter lag if you need to take action photos. (Face detection needs to be turned off to enable these settings.)

Steady Shot (Image Stabilisation):

Steady Shot can be set to Shooting or Continuous (or off).
In Shooting mode, it only works when the shutter is pressed halfway. This introduces a bit of shutter lag but the liveview image is very responsive.
Switching to Continuous reduces the shutter lag but makes the liveview image floaty, making it harder to compose.
I prefer keeping it in Shooting mode.
It is possible to make (acceptably) sharp shots all the way down to 1 second if your hand is steady.


The flash is enabled by pressing the right side of the four way controller.
The flash is disabled in the Burst mode, in which case the camera will display a message saying: Flash setting cannot be changed! Just go back and change REC Mode back to Normal.
The flash fires four times if Red Eye Reduction is enabled. For me, this is enough reason to keep it off. It is also easy to fix red eyes pretty easily in post processing if needed.
The power of the flash can also be adjusted standard, plus or minus.
The flash takes 3 or 4 seconds to recycle after each shot, so you cannot take a bunch of photos quickly with flash.


It is possible to set the ISO manually to anything from 100 to 3200.
The camera does quite a goob job at the Auto ISO setting, staying below ISO 800 until a shutter speed of about 1 second (at the wide end).
ISO 400 is still usable but 800 and above is quite terrible. Fortunately the camera keeps 100 to 400 until light conditions desperately demand higher ISOs.
I leave it on Auto ISO pretty much all the time, unless I want to have good colors, in which case I set it to ISO 100.


The macro function is enabled by pressing the left of the four way controller.
At the wide end, it will focus down to nearly 1 cm from the front of the lens, but autofocus struggles and does not always focus on the right object.

Exposure compensation:

Exposure compensation can be set by pressing the Home button and scrolling up and down to find the setting.
It can be set from -2 to +2 stops.
The camera remembers the exposure compensation setting if it is turned off and back on again.

How Do Reviews Help in Buying the Best Possible Car Audio System?

Getting the best car audio system for your automobile is not simply buying the most expensive and sophisticated looking available in the market. There are literally lots of brands of audio and media system installed or upgrades available in the market today, and finding the best fit for your car is not a very easy task.

But that problem is long been addressed by hundreds of car magazines and online car sites. Reviews for car audio system is not hard to find for it is just a click away. There are lots of auto reviews available over the internet from websites to links to postings, blogs, etc., many give highly comprehensive details about improving your car in any part from interior to exterior design, and also in its audio system.

Car audio reviews usually post the latest in music system available in the market, from product description, comparing advantages and disadvantages of brands to other brands, and important details such as standard prices. Price is one of the most important details you should look for when you are reading a review. For it will help you real big in sorting your budget, what brand and features can you afford and how much money are you willing to pay.

Some reviews even post their top choices of music systems. Their information is based form the datum gathered from several different customers’ opinion about products they bought. Some information is based from other bigger and credible reviewers that have established their niche in this field.

Surfing the net and visiting several car audio reviews can really help you in your mission of upgrading your old audio system to highly stylish, sophisticated and top of the line audio system you can get with your budget.

And with reading reviews, it means you have to read a lot to be able to get all the information you need. Well of course, when you read always be meticulous and open minded. Some reviews might be totally different form the others for some specific reasons. Your mission is to get the best audio system for your car without compromising so much from your budget.

Popular Auto Detailing Resources

Auto detailing includes all the aspects of auto maintenance, auto appearance care and renovation of the auto parts. There are many professional car care specialists and auto detailing resources who will give the maximum benefit for your car. There are many types of products available in the auto detailing shops designed for specific purposes. This ensures very fine results in your used car.

The fixed detail shops that undertake the task of auto detailing enables you to rebuild your car in a way you have always dreamt of. These shops are all in a unit shops that bestows all the products used the most like cleaners, wax, tire dressings, etc all in a shop. You may check this on the web. This website shows the world’s most efficient layout in detailing the automobiles.

Taking Help of the Internet

The auto detailing specialists are responsible for detail work for the Rent-A-Car Company, Bank Repo work, Auto Auctions, and New and Used Car dealerships. Not only this, but they are also efficient in chip repairing, gold plating, adding-on the market accessories, pin stripping, and even spray-in bed liners.

It is only important to understand the flow process in a systematic and quality controlled setting. This will maximize your resources and eventually increase profits and increase the pro0udctivity. For more information on this topic, you cam refer the book, “Finite Capacity Scheduling”. You can also visit the website.

The auto-detailing network consists of the following categories:

o Auto Detailing- it includes the use of supplies, chemicals, and waxes. There are three types of waxes available in the market today viz: Liquid, paste and spray. The liquid waxes are good for cleaning purposes; add a gloss as well as durability. The paste waxes are good for the ease of application. Moreover, the spray waxes are better for the new cars with excellent finishes.

o Paintless Dent Repair- it includes the PDR training and the different tools need for the paintless dent repair.

o Windshield repair- in most of the car accidents, the most often thing that is being damaged is the windshield and the glasses of the car. Hence, a proper windshield treatment needs to be given to the car and the glass systems needs to be repaired.

o Headlight Restoration- the headlights may become dull or may not work properly after a considerable period of time. There are headlight restoration kits available along with the instructions for you to be followed.

o Paint Chip Repair- it includes giving a final touch up to the body of the car and auto paint color matching.

There is website named as detailyourcar.com that takes care of the auto detailing processes. This website offers you important tips and guidelines that may be useful to you while you go for auto detailing. There are even printable magazines containing handy information for auto detailing along with the pictures. Take help of these useful resources and make your car in such a way that you will feel satisfied while driving it.

Popular Auto Auction Resource

An auto auction is a process of selling new as well as used cars based on an auction system. In the United States, there are many auto auctions being carried out, but generally people are unaware of them. However, in other countries, especially Japan, auto auctions are very popular and used by many people to buy and sell cars.

Before Auctioning a Car

The process of buying an auto auction car should be handled meticulously in a manner to create a genuine opportunity to save hundreds of dollars. Individual vehicles are prepared for sale at the car auction wherein each vehicle is evaluated and the unit price is determined based on its condition. The condition of the vehicle determines how it will be auctioned?

Federal car auctions

Every month thousands of cars become government property due to foreclosure and seized laws. As there are numerous cars in the federal auctions, these cars are sold quickly and at a cheaper rate. A Federal car auction contains a database of numerous repo cars that are waiting for you to bid on.

There is no other better way of purchasing a car other than through online repo auctions. Sometimes, purchasing a car may be a difficult decision and a frustrating process. But now, you can make it fun process by purchasing them through the government and surplus auctions.

Some of the advantages of the Federal car Auction are:

1. Up to 90% off the retail value
2. You will find new inventories everyday
3. The bidding price starts form $100 or even less
4. It has listings in every country and state
5. It has a direct access to the Repo auctions
6. You can purchase directly from the source
7. You can sleet from a number of make-over’s and models

A Car and Internet

The Car-Tech auction focuses in providing the dealers with the salvage autos at their weekly held auto salvage auctions, insurance auto auctions and truck salvage auctions. The dealers fetch these auto auctions along with the customer requests and expectations, and Car-Tech auction ensures that they have the right salvage vehicle to satisfy the needs of the customers. The prices for the seized auction cars are found at online-home-works.com/seized-car-auctions.html.

Auto Dealer Auctions

Wondering about the auto dealer auctions? There are numerous auto dealer auctions taking place in and around your area. Register and start bidding on the autos in the next dealer auto auctions. Here are a few auto dealer auctions:

o Vehicle Management Services- it seeks out the patrons to donate their vehicles that are then sold or auctioned to collect revenue for their organization. These donated vehicles are sold at salvage auto auctions or wholesale auto auctions.
o AutoGuide.net- it is a large database of information pertaining to automobiles and the automotive industry.
o Galves Auto Price List- it is a reliable price guide, which dealers can use to function effectively. Many used car dealers use this tool on a regular basis to ensure that they are selling at the accurate price in order to confirm to the market demands.

Grand Theft Auto Review

Alright I have been struggling lately getting reviews up, as there has not been any new games coming out! So I have decided to review an older game that I have and enjoyed, Grand Theft Auto IV, This game is a blast! The story mode as usual is fantastic! It is nice and long and has a nice story to it. Graphics are stunning as well. In the story you are placed as a character named Niko, you and your cousin go to America to make it into the bit times!

Unfortunately things don’t turn out so good, your cousin Belik has gambling problems and debts with the mob. These are sure to cause you allot of problems and people to kill! Now we cant forget about the best part of this game, party play! That’s right now you and your friends can run around in a city causing havoc, and stabbing people! There is also multi player, where you can play multiple different types of modes like cops and robbers, team death match, race, etc… Some of these game mods like cops and robbers, where a group of people start off as robbers and must escape to a certain location before they get killed by the cops!

Another addicting game mode is racing, where you can race around the track while picking up weapons and shooting other cars to slow them down or kill them This is no doubt game of the year! And I recommend this game to anyone looking for tons of fun, this game never gets old!

Griffin iTrip Auto – Review

I was wanting to play my iPod in the car and went looking for possible products. I have an iPod Video (5th Generation iPod) and ended up buying the Griffin iTrip Auto.

I have been very please with it so far. It costs around $80 Canadian, but on eBay you can get it for a bit over $50. Dell.com will occasionally put these on sale for $30 as well.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is pretty good. Griffin’s original iTrip is cordless and runs off the iPod’s power so doesn’t have a strong transmit power. The iTrip Auto runs off the car power (you need a spare cigarette lighter power port) so has lots of juice to transmit the signal. I can have the transmitter placed anywhere in my car and it works just fine.Charges Too

This is the other reason I wanted the iTrip Auto. It charges while it is plugged in as well. Apple tries to rip you off with the video iPods by not even giving you an AC Adaptor or any other way to charge it than the USB cord which plugs into your computer. The Apple AC adaptor is $40 and so is the car charger I believe.

With the iTrip Auto, you already have the charger built in, so you don’t have to worry. I then went and purchased an AC to DC converter on eBay for $10 and just take my iTrip into the house when traveling and plug it to charge it there.

This is off topic, but if you want another option for a wall charger, Kensington makes an universal international plugin adaptor with USB port. It is $40 on dell.ca, but you can get it for $20 sometimes on the Dell Days of Deals. This is the same price as the Apple wall adapter and this one is a travel adaptor for different countries. There is no comparison and the unit is pretty small too.

Pick Your Station

Just pick your station, press the Select button, and tune your radio into it. It is that simple.

Not as Portable

The one bad point is that the iTrip Auto is reliant on being plugged in. If it isn’t, it can’t power the transmitter. So it is not portable like the older iTrip.

Where is the Backlight?

If it is powered from the cigarette lighter, there is endless power. I don’t know why they didn’t put a backlight on the LCD display for the station selector. I know you don’t use it often, but when I’m on road trips, I frequently go through towns where I need to adjust it because of interference. You have to turn on the interior light of the car to see what the station is set to. This is minor but would have been nice.


Overall, I would say it is a good buy. If you don’t care for it to be that portable and you would like a car charger then this is a great two in one. Don’t buy it in the store though, find one one eBay or a discount electronics dealer online for a better price.